“Fighting Fire with Fire” podcast episode featuring Mike Dockry

June 28, 2024
White text over a maroon background reads, "'Fighting Fire with Fire': a conversation with Associate Professor Mike Dockry on Indigenous forestry practices. Above that is the rectangular Plant People logo, which features groovy blobs of bright colors behind the name. In the upper left corner is a gold-colored icon of a microphone emitting sound to the right of the word "podcast".

With an above-normal risk of wildfires predicted for the summer, Forest Resources Associate Professor Mike Dockry was asked to join the Plant People podcast. Dockry is registered member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and a leading authority on how Indigenous forestry practices can help curb such large, destructive fires. In the episode, he and host Jennifer Bernstein, New York Botanical Garden CEO and President, explore the state of our forests and the increased threat of wildfres as a result of climate change. They also dig into ways that traditional forestry methods, from controlled burns to carefully considered cutting, can provide the knowledge we need to address this problem – if only we acknowledge their value.

Plant People, a new podcast from the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) and nonproft public media organization PRX, features lively stories and conversations with scientists, gardeners, artists, explorers, and more, about the many links between plants and people and how both need each other to thrive.

Listen to the full episode on the Plant People website and access additional related resources: "Fighting Fire with Fire".