Name Areas of Interest Email
Michael Barnes
Raimundo Bermudez
Researcher 5
Megan Butler
Stephan Carlson
Lecturer, Researcher 6

Outdoor recreation, environmental education, interpretation, trail design and youth development.
Pooja Choksi
Postdoctoral Associate

Restoration ecology, soundscape ecology, restoration social science, acoustics, field ecology, and tropical dry forests.
Dean Current
Adjunct Professor, Researcher 6, Director, Center for Integrated Natural Resource and Agricultural Management (CINRAM)

Natural resource-based sustainable development, community-based natural resource management/community forestry, agroforestry, market based conservation, economic and environmental impact assessment, multifunctional agriculture, payments for environmental/ecosystem services, biomass energy options.
Marissa Endres
Researcher 2

Urban and Community Forestry and environmental education.
Lucia Fitts Vargas
Postdoctoral Associate
Lee Frelich
Adjunct Professor, Researcher 6, Director of the Center for Forest Ecology

Boreal forests, climate change, earthworms, forest ecology, forest fires, windstorms
Tyler Gifford
Researcher 5

Forest biometrics, measurements, and modeling.
Dan Heins
Researcher 5 - Remote Sensing & Unmanned Systems

Remote Sensing & Unmanned Systems
Andrew Jenks
Teaching Specialist

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Guopeng Liang
Postdoctoral Associate
Neha Mohan Babu
Postdoctoral Associate
Ryan Murphy
Researcher 5

Urban and Community Forestry
Claudia Nanninga
Leif Olmanson
Researcher 6

Remote sensing of water resources
Nick Partington
B4Warmed Program Coordinator

Biodiversity, carbon storage
Keith Pelletier
Researcher 5
Amit Pradhananga
Researcher 6

Human dimensions of natural resources and recreation management
Laura Reuling
Researcher 5

Applied forest ecology, silviculture, natural disturbance-based management
Lucy Rose
Researcher 6

Forest hydrology and watershed management
Mike Schuster
Researcher 5

Forest and Grassland Ecology, Decomposition, Climate Change, Invasive Plant Species
Artur Stefanski
Researcher 5

Forest ecology, ecophysiology, phenology, invasive plant species, climate change, spectral detection of plant traits
Thomas Stevens
Postdoctoral Associate
Douglas Thompson
Alan Toczydlowski
Researcher 5

Wetland and forest soils, soil and watershed biogeochemistry, and geographic information systems.
Lydia Voth Rurup
Researcher 4

Forest ecology, silviculture, floodplain dynamics.
Kally Worm
Assistant Scientist: Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve

Field manager for BioCON project which examines the interactions among CO2, N, and diversity in a perennial grassland system.
Peter Wragg

Forest restoration ecology, invasive buckthorn, inclusive & contemplative pedagogy, grassland biodiversity.