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Gary Johnson receives Mark Stennes Award
March 23, 2023

At the annual Minnesota Shade Tree Short Course, Professor Emeritus Gary Johnson was presented the Mark Stennes Award, a recognition of outstanding leadership and passion for research, education, and support for those in the green industry. 

Peter Reich on MPR's Climate Cast podcast
March 10, 2023

Peter Reich, University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources professor and researcher of climate change impacts on boreal forests, joined Climate Cast podcast Paul Huttner to speak about how climate change is harming the growth and survival rates of trees in northern forests, especially spruce and fir.

Combining socioeconomic and biophysical data to identify people-centric restoration opportunities
March 3, 2023

Associate Professor Forrest Fleischman was an author of a paper recently published in NPJ Biodiversity, a Nature publication. The paper uses India as a case study to identify the potential socio-economic effects and socio-environmental conditions of a people-centric approach to restoration project design.