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Do you want to solve environmental challenges and make a difference in the world? Do you want to make a positive impact on managing natural resources sustainably? Do you want to make the outdoors accessible to everyone in our community?

So do we. Let's go outside and get our hands dirty.

We'll take you beyond the classroom and into the forest for field-based, experiential learning that you'll never forget. The Forest & Natural Resource Management (FNRM) major at the University of Minnesota is perfect for anyone interested in forestry, natural resources, conservation, parks and recreation, urban green space, and solving environmental problems big and small. We're committed to helping our students and we offer scholarships to all incoming students in the FNRM major. We're the only four-year program in Minnesota accredited by the Society of American Foresters. Our one-of-a-kind field sessions, expert faculty, small class sizes, and big reputation will help you develop the skills and relationships to grow and make a positive impact.

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Freshman Admissions Information

Freshman Admissions Information

Early Action Deadline—November 1
Students who submit their complete applications by the November 1 deadline will receive an admission decisions by January 31.
Final Deadline—January 1
Students who submit their complete applications by the January 1 deadline will receive admission decisions by March 31.
Confirmation Deadline—May 1
When students confirm their enrollment, they are declaring their intent to attend the University of Minnesota, and we will reserve a place for them in the incoming class.


Freshman admissions: College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Science (CFANS)

Avery Fessler 
Freshman Admissions Counselor 
+1 612-625-3284 (direct line) 
1-800-752-1000 (toll-free)

Transfer Admissions Information

Transfer Admissions Information

Spring Semester
Early Action Deadline—October 1
Final Deadline—December 2

Fall Semester
Early Action Deadline—February 1
Final Deadline—June 1

Transfer Guides

Contact Jeff Polski
Transfer Admissions Counselor

Direct: (612) 624-3220
Toll Free: 1-800-752-1000

Transfer Admissions: College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Science (CFANS)