A Solemn Anniversary

May 25, 2022

Office for Equity and Diversity

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Today, members of our University community, along with people throughout the nation and the world, will pause for moments of silence and reflection in honor of George Floyd. On the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, we recognize that though the world has changed, our efforts to advance social and racial justice must continue unabated. 

This anniversary calls for reflection and action on our University’s mission-driven role in effecting positive change through our teaching, research, and service. We know that we must teach in a way that recognizes a history that has for too long been selective and operated both intentionally and unconsciously to perpetuate discriminatory systems. We must foster a climate and culture where people of different races, gender expressions, religious beliefs, and abilities do not have to question their welcome, recognizing that only through understanding and inclusion can we help prepare ourselves for success in a rapidly changing world. 

Our students, staff, faculty, and alums are working to advance research, teaching, and engagement that promotes fair housing, equal access to healthcare, new approaches to public safety, stronger pathways to both early and higher education, and criminal justice reform, to name only a few imperatives. 

This solemn anniversary in our community, on the heels of the heartbreaking shootings in Buffalo, Dallas, Laguna Woods, and Uvalde is a great weight to bear. As we mourn those lost to violence, George Floyd’s memory serves as a call to our collective advocacy, allyship, and action in the fight against structural racism. We must strive for a world where equity is part of everyone’s lived experience. 


Michael Goh
Vice President for Equity and Diversity