Tracene Marshall

CFANS Academic Advisor
130 Coffey Hall
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  • Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Forest and Natural Resource Management


Hello Students!

I am from Steubenville Ohio, the Steel Valley, Go Steelers!! I received my BS in Political Science and M.Ed in Higher Education Administration from Kent State University. I enjoy assisting students with their overall academic and personal development and believe that it is important to support and challenge students as they persist through graduation.

I have worked in student services for almost 30 years in various positions, e.g. admissions, advising, housing, Coordinator for Students with Disabilities and 18 years as an secondary and primary academic advisor for students. I previously worked at Oberlin College, St. Catherine University, Hamline University, Carleton College, and Concordia University. I advise approximately 250 students. I also co-developed and co-taught a freshman leadership program in CFANS called Dean's Engaged Leaders for four years.

I enjoy reading, community engagement, family, and watching waves roll in and out.

Advising Philosophy

My own educational experience led me to a career in higher education. I was a solid student in high school. My course load for four years consisted of the only college prep classes offered in my high school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised when I was counseled to become a maid, in my senior year. Luckily, my parents had everything well in hand and I started as a freshman at Kent State University a year later. Unfortunately, high school was just a dry run for college. There I constantly had to navigate the environment of low expectations and little to no support among faculty and staff.

My motivation for working in student services and specifically advising has been stated above. I believe all students have the ability to succeed; it is the role of faculty and staff to support them with their goals. One component of an adviser’s role to help students navigate the maze of policies, procedures, the university community, and their academic curriculum. An advisor should also know the resources that can support students along their journey. It is also important to help students seek out co-curricular opportunities, e.g. internships study abroad, research. I always tell students they are the master of their ship, but it is my role to make sure they have the information needed to succeed.

My advising philosophy and approach in serving students is steeped in Sanford’s theory of Support and Challenge. I have stated above all the ways an advisor should support students, but it is also important to challenge students when necessary to move along in their development. I have also used Perry, Erickson, Cross and a host of other student development theorists in apply in applying Sanford’s approach.

Professional Development Highlights & Focus Areas

  • Presented workshop at ACPA 2015 National Conference titled; "Intrusive Advising should be for All Freshman students not just students At Risk"
  • Presented workshop at MCPA 2015 conference "Intrusive Advising should be for All Freshman students not just students At Risk"
  • Trained in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Distinguished Academic (P&A) Staff Award 2010
  • Attended several University of Minnesota AAN professional development workshops
  • OED Certificate Workshop: Communicating on Issues of Equity and Diversity
  • Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Non-Apparent Disabilities
  • Teaching with Intention: Facilitating Challenging Classroom Conservation
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Equal Opportunity in Employment and Education