Survey, Measurement, and Modeling for Environmental Analysis

Introduction to survey, measurement, and modeling concepts/methods for study of natural resources and environmental issues. Emphasizes survey design for data collection, estimation, and analysis for issues encompassing land, water, air, vegetation, animal, soil, and human/social variables.

Expected enrollment and audience: 20-25 undergraduate and graduate students from majors – including environmental science, policy and management, forest resources, forest and natural resource management, recreation resource management, fisheries and wildlife, agriculture, and graduate students in conservation biology, natural resource science and management, and public policy.

Purpose/Objectives: This course is a requirement/option for the following curricula: Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management and Recreation Resources Management.

Learning Outcomes: Students who successfully complete the course will be able to design, conduct, analyze, and critique common surveys relating to the environment and natural resource issues.


  • MATH 1031 or MATH 1051
  • ESPM 3012 or FNRM 4001 or Stat 3011 or SOC 3811
  • Fundamental computer competency (Word and Excel)
Course ID
ESPM 3211
ESPM 5211
Semester Offered
Course Frequency
every year