Measuring Forest Resources

Introduction to land survey, tree/forest stand measurement (mensuration), and forest sampling techniques. Taught at Cloquet Forestry Center.

FNRM 2104 Course Syllabus (Summer 2020)


This course introduces land survey, tree/forest stand measurement, and forest sampling techniques. It acquaints students with the use and care of selected instruments and introduces them to the measurement techniques used in field forestry and timber cruising. The course is presented under the assumption that the students have had no prior exposure to this phase of forestry, either in the classroom or field. Field exercises are used to teach principles of field measurements and classroom lectures are used only to the extent needed to get students started on field work. Grading is based on student reports on six exercises (overview and DBH measurement, surveying, mapping/aerial photography, height measurement, vegetation sampling with fixed-radius plots, timber sampling with variable-radius plots) and a field final exam. This is a Summer semester course. Registration begins on February 27 for students to the FNRM major and March 5 for non-degree and visiting students.

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FNRM 2104
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every year