Field Silviculture

Students learn how to collect field data and prepare/write silvicultural prescriptions for achieving management objectives within the context of stand, landscape, watershed, and wildlife habitat/biodiversity issues. They conduct field exercises that consider forest entomology, pathology, tree improvement, forest soils, and nontimber forest products. As a major part of the course, students work in groups to develop a “stewardship plan” for a Cloquet-area landowner’ property. This involves identifying landowner goals and objectives, inventorying and evaluating the land, and developing short- and long-term management prescriptions.

The Advanced Cloquet Field Session takes place in May at the Cloquet Forestry Center—a 3,506 acre research and education forest located within the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation.

Course dates: March 27-28, May 17-20, May 22, May 27


  • FNRM 3104
  • FNRM 3411
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FNRM 4511
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every year