Field Resource Survey

This course builds student knowledge and skills in remote sensing and sampling and measurement methods for inventory, mapping, monitoring and analysis of forest and related natural resources. Students conduct exercises in field data collection and image interpretation, data synthesis and reporting, and learn about resource survey design options. These exercises expose students to a range of approaches and technologies for data capture, analysis and reporting. Problems considered range from describing trees and stands on the Cloquet Forestry Center to larger landscape and regional levels and issues from describing land use, resource condition, future condition, and management practices, including the impact of practices.

The Advanced Cloquet Field Session takes place in May at the Cloquet Forestry Center—a 3,506 acre research and education forest located within the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation.

Course dates: March 27-28, May 14-16 and May 27


  • FNRM 3218
  • FNRM 3262
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FNRM 4515
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every year