Field Timber Harvesting and Road Planning

Students learn about the process of planning and conducting timber harvesting and forest road design considering the economic, environmental, and social influences which impact those operations. The intent is to present and discuss those issues in the context of implementing natural resource management plans. Course emphasis is on providing field-based experiences with the various aspects of timber harvesting and road planning. As site and stand conditions, landowner objectives, regulations, and other factors vary across the landscape, there are a variety of approaches used to accomplish timber harvesting and road planning. The course will address many of the different methods, presenting more detail for some than others. The course includes field trips to forests managed by public and private landowners to view on-the ground practices. Grading is based on four exercises (application of forest management guidelines, timber appraisal, road design, and timber sale design) and a final exam.

The Advanced Cloquet Field Session takes place in May at the Cloquet Forestry Center—a 3,506 acre research and education forest located within the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation.

Course dates: March 27-28, May 21, May 23-27

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FNRM 4521
Semester Offered
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every year