Geodesy, Coordinate, and Surveying Calculations for GIS Professionals

Where exactly are we? How do we define and refine geographic locations on a lumpy, spinning, unstable planet? On course completion students will understand concepts and practices that are at the very foundation of GIS: geodesy and geographic projections. They will have a working knowledge of geodetic datums and datum evolution, be able to make common geodetic and coordinate geometry calculations, and solve common problems that arise during datum and coordinate system conversions while engaged in the practice of GIS.

This one-credit course meets one hour each week, during which we discuss theory and readings, cover practical applications, and work through example problems.

No required text, readings from articles and reserve materials. About 20 pages of reading is required most weeks, from provided journal articles and a supplementary, on reserve in the library. There are typically from three to five homework problems each week, no exams, and grading is based on the problem sets (905) and participation (10%).


Class standing:

  • Advanced undergraduate with instructor permission
  • Graduate student
Course ID
FNRM 5216
Semester Offered
Course Frequency
every year